The judge has just sentenced former Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy Jonathan Agee to three life sentences, plus 11 years, the maximum sentence.

Agee's defense argued that the steroids he was taking for an eating disorder led to his shooting spree that left his ex-wife dead and a state trooper injured on Memorial Day two years ago.

More from ABC 13: Agee faced sentencing from both Roanoke and Montgomery Counties and showed little emotion throughout the sentencing proceedings. 

Prosecutors introduced a security camera video clip showing Agee pulling up behind his ex-wife's white pickup truck at the Sheetz on Williamson Road, calmly getting out, and firing 10 rounds at Jennifer Agee.

Eight rounds hit Ms. Agee. The entire event played out of this in front of their daughter and her friend's daughter in a matter of seconds.

Former State Trooper Matthew Brannock also testified about that day. Brannock described how he chased the suspect up I-81 in Memorial Day traffic with speeds that reached 120 mph - even on the shoulder of the road.

Images of the chase were captured by Agee's patrol car's dash cam and shown in court. Brannock and Agee eventually collided; the collision was followed by a barrage of gunfire from Agee.

There were 20 rounds fired in all and two of them hit Brannock. Braddock has recovered physically from his injuries, but said that the mental scars will never go away.