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Sara Evans knows her fans are "getting a little antsy for new songs" - because she is, too.  The singer admits to "Country Weekly" that since she now lives in Alabama it's taking her longer to complete a new album, but she's "definitely working on it." 

Evans says she has four songs tracked for the upcoming project, and she's hoping to finish that process next month. 

She adds that fans won't be disappointed with the disc.  Sara explains that each of her records reflect "all sides" of her "musical personality," and "this one is shaping up the same way." 

The country star also says that she'll have "a huge collaboration" on the disc, but she can't reveal who she's working with just yet.  She also doesn't say just when she expects to have the album in stores.  Evans' upcoming disc will be the follow up to her 2011 effort, Stronger.

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