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Lana Del Rey is going after Lady Gaga is a new song that is making its way around the internet.  Titled "So Legit," the track surfaced online Tuesday and finds Del Rey referring to Gaga by her real name, Stefani Germanotta. 

Lana goes on to sing that she knows her "words don't hurt," but later brings up the star's name again asking "have we all gone Gaga crazy?"  The rest of the song speaks about, in her view, the demise of Brooklyn, asking listeners "what happened" to the borough, where "the streets used to be dangerous and we were born bad." 

In a section where she appears to be addressing Gaga, Lana sings that she had once called her "the queen of the downtown scene" and asked how she could "go switch it up and then replace me." 

It's unclear if "So Legit" will be featured on Lana's upcoming follow-up to "Born To Die," which is expected out this year. 

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