(NEWSER– Cleveland officials held a press conference today about the case of the three women found alive after a decade of apparent captivity, even as Mayor Frank Jackson admitted that there were "several unanswered questions: why were they taken, how were they taken, and how [did] they remain undetected in the city of Cleveland?" Perhaps the most interesting bit they revealed: The 6-year-old girl who escaped with Amanda Berry is believed to be her daughter, deputy police chief Ed Tomba said.

Other tidbits:

  • Police visited Ariel Castro's home once in 2004 to investigate an incident in which he left a child on a bus he was driving. Police determined that there was no "criminal intent" in the incident. "He was interviewed extensively relative to this complaint," Tomba assured reporters.
  • FBI special agent Steve Anthony emphasized how much law enforcement had worked with the families of the missing girls over the years. "Words can't describe the emotions being felt by all," he said. "Yes, law enforcement professionals do cry."

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