Brad Paisley is having trouble putting down his cell phone these days. He can’t stop leaking Moonshine in the Trunk tracks! His latest tweet sharing “American Flag on the Moon” from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center reached astronaut Reid Wiseman all the way at the International Space Station.

But when Brad’s at home, his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley makes him put down the smartphone. He tells the Boston Herald, “She says, ‘When you’re home, be home. Put it down!’ I’m not as good as I’d like to be with that, but, hey, I do better than most people.”

Back in 2009, Brad said he scored major brownie points when he dedicated “Then” to Kimberly during a White House performance...

“That was one of my wife’s proudest moments I think. When she got involved with this redneck hick from Tennessee I don’t think she ever saw herself in the East Room of the White House (laughs) being serenaded. For the first time, she’s probably convinced she didn’t make a huge mistake.”

Maybe he should keep the phone where the Moonshine is? In the Trunk? Moonshine in the Trunk lands August 26th.