The Band Perry’s Kimberly Perry is doing just fine after allegedly getting man-handled by fans at the recent Boots and Hearts Music Festival in Ontario, Canada. Actually, she tells Country Weekly she got a thrill out of the concert moment.

TBP delivered a fiery set, whipping fans into such a frenzy that Kimberly found herself practically crushed against the barrier between the band and fans. Full of adrenaline, Kimberly didn’t notice until after the show that she had a bruise and an a abrasion on her leg. Her dress also got ripped in the chaos.

She recalls, “It all happened so quickly that I didn’t even realize that my leg had been hurt. I just noticed the rip in my dress and saw that part of it was just hanging by a thread, so I ripped off the rest and tossed it out into the crowd. It was one of those sweaty, primitive stage moments I live for.”

The event attracted more than 28,000 fans, making it the biggest TBP draw north of the border.