Here are some myths about weight loss that might be preventing you from reaching your goals:

  • Slow weight loss is better – Many experts recommend losing no more than two pounds a week. But recent research suggests that people who lose weight faster are more likely to continue losing and to keep it off. So, a fad diet to jump start your efforts can boost confidence and give you motivation.
  • You need a reasonable weight loss goal – Shooting for crazy weight loss goals often gets better results than setting modest, easily attainable goals – because it causes you to be ambitious in your thinking and to take drastic action.
  • You must be “ready” to lose weight – You don’t need to completely focus on weight loss in order to drop pounds. Incorporating any positive changes into your life is a step forward and something to be proud of.
  • Never weigh yourself – People who do a daily weigh-in increase their chances of losing weight compared to those who step on the scale just once a week. (ABC News)