Disney World Guest Hits Employee, Starts Pushing Buttons On Tower Of Terror

Tower of Terror

A Chicago woman has been banned for life from Disney World after she punched an employee in the face and started pressing buttons on a ride podium by the Tower of Terror. The woman and her group were upset because their FastPasses were not valid for the popular ride, which usually has long wait times.

The woman approached a 23-year-old employee in a waiting area where riders gather to watch a short movie before the start of the ride. The employee offered to assist the group but the woman was not satisfied with how the cast member was handling the situation and became belligerent. The woman started screaming at the worker, so the employee began to call security from her podium. While the worker was trying to get a hold of security, the woman began pushing buttons on the control board.

The employee told her to stop and warned her that she could interfere with the ride, but the woman continued to press buttons randomly.

When the employee tried to brush the woman's hand away, the woman punched her in the face. The woman and her group continued to scream at the employee but left before security arrived.

Disney security officers tracked the group down and called the police. The worker, who had swelling over her eye, declined to press charges. A spokeswoman for Disney told the Orlando Sentinel they "don't tolerate unsafe behavior" and that the woman has been banned from their parks for life.

Photo: Alexf via Wikimedia Commons


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