Farrah Abraham Mom-Shamed Over Controversial Pic Of 10-Year-Old Daughter

Farrah Abraham has shared her parenting with the world on reality shows like Teen Mom, Couples Therapy and Teen Mom OG, but in doing so, she's gotten her fair share of mom-shaming. This week, Farrah is once again facing criticism but this time around the backlash is a little bit bigger than usual. What caused it was a photo Abraham posted on the Instagram account she runs for her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia. The pic, which comes from a recent photoshoot Sophia took part in, shows the girl with make-up on in a black sweater that says "No boyfriend, no problem."

Even though the top was from the shoot and possibly picked out by a wardrobe person and not by Farrah, fans took issue with what was written on it. One of the most-liked comments reads, "This is disturbing. She’s 10. She should not be wearing these kind of clothes, makeup, or worried about a 'boyfriend' at that age. You really need an intervention from sane minded individuals. AND STOP TYPING AS YOUR DAUGHTER ON THIS PAGE, FARRAH."

Others agreed, writing, "Exactly..let her be a kid..this is way too mature in my opinion and I wouldn’t let my daughter dress like this at 10…I don’t understand all the people saying it’s ok," and "This outfit is more for 17-year-old!!!! What mother in their right mind would exploit their child like this??? Oh, Farrah!!! Because she is using her kid for a cash cow now that she is broke!!!!!"

Some commenters ignored the sweater but were critical of the make-up, saying, "What 10 year wears makeup, even for a shoot? Farrah, do better."

Still others just wrote one word, "disturbing."

While many of Farrah's followers defended her, the majority of the comments seemed to be critical. See more by following Farrah here.

Photo: Getty Images

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