Daughter Wins $111K While Showing Mom How To Play Online Lottery

Photo: Getty Images

A Kentucky woman won $111,000 while showing her mother how to play the lottery online.

On Friday, Lisa Maltese was showing her mom, who was visiting from Florida, how to play the Kentucky Lottery’s online game, Celtic Coins Jackpot.

"I called my mom into the room, and we sat down at my laptop,” she recalls. “I wanted to show her step-by-step how to play."

Lisa wagered $5 on the game and within a couple of minutes, the screen read, “Congratulations, you won $111,615.38.”

She told lottery officials she couldn’t believe her good luck. "It was so nice my mom was sitting next to me," Liz says.

After confirming the win in her transaction history, she let her husband in on the good news.

Then the whole family went to the Kentucky Lottery headquarters where she received a check for over $79,000, after taxes were taken out.

Liz says the family will likely take a vacation with their winnings.

Source: WLKY

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