The "Credit Card Challenge" Is Costing People a Bunch of Money

Yet another challenge is making its way around the internet- but with this one- you may need a lot of green!

Cold hard cash....actually, plastic.

It is called the "Credit Card Challenge" and the challenge goes as follows.

You hold the card up on a flat surface (i.e a wall, a door) and the person has to use their head to stop the card from falling. One of two things can happen.

  1. The person misses the card and bangs his/her head on the wall and everyone laughs.
  2. The person actually stops the card and now YOU have to buy anything he/she wants.

One outcome costs $0 and the other...can cost a bunch!

This all started when a dad posted the original video to Facebook calling it the "Get That Money Challenge."

It's since gone viral on Facebook and Twitter. 


Source:ABC 7

Amy James


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