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Here Are 5 important Things To Consider When Getting Travel Insurance Plans

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The pandemic has taught us various life lessons. One of those lessons is the importance of travel insurance. Here are 5 things to consider when shopping for travelers insurance.

1. Does the destination have insurance requirements for entry? Many destinations have added this requirement because of the pandemic.

2. Does the plan cover Covid-19 related disruptions? This in case you booked your trip and then have to cancel because you tested positive for Covid-19 before your travel date.

3. Any pandemic exclusions? Some plans exclude coverage related to the pandemic. Probably not the plan you want at this time.

4. Do you have any special activities or equipment that need to be covered? Is it a golf or ski trip? Are you scuba diving? Make sure the equipment and activity are covered by insurance.

5. Is Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage available? You never know, life happens and you may need to cancel.

Was there a time when you could have used travel insurance and you didn't have it?

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