Secrets To A Happy Marriage

Ask any married couple and they’ll likely tell you that marriage isn’t easy, and with so many unions ending in divorce there’s no doubt some people wish somebody let them in on the secret to how to make things work before they said their "I Dos."

Well, some happily married couples are doing just that thanks to a thread on Reddit that asked folks to chime in on the one piece of advice they wish everyone knew when it comes to a successful relationship? And it turns out a lot of people have some definite opinions, with the question getting more than 400 answers in 24 hours.

Advice includes: 

“Resentment is the single thing that ruins a relationship. Do whatever it takes to avoid it.”“Recognize that your partner is not you. They have a separate brain and self-awareness and perception of the world…No, they aren't going to do something exactly the way you would do it.”“Don’t compare your marriage to others' and to always do what works for you - not what other people say is best.”“Never go to sleep angry with each other - and to always talk things through.”“Laugh together. Often.”“There's no such thing as winning a fight with your significant other.”“Communicate. Seriously f**king talk about stuff. Nine times out of 10 they weren't trying to hurt or annoy you and they didn't do it on purpose.”“When we are angry and about to fight we do a time out and go to separate rooms to cool down and collect our thoughts.”“Swallow your pride. Admitting fault - and doing so as quickly as possible - will do wonders for your relationship.”“You'll save yourself a lot of grief if you realize that our brains do not work like tape recorders. Avoid arguments over small details even if you are 100 percent certain of your memory, realize the brain is not perfect.”One guy said that a man who was married 55 years explained to him how he made his marriage work. He said, "I always get the last word... 'Yes, dear.'"

Source: Reddit 

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