We've Heard of Bridezillas, but Groomzillas Are a Thing Too!

Hearing stories about demanding bridezillas is nothing new, but it seems brides don’t corner the market on exhibiting crazy behavior in the lead up to a wedding. A new thread on the anonymous Whisper App has brides revealing the outrageous behavior they’ve had to deal with from their soon-to-be husbands that proves groomzillas really do exist.

Among the confessions:

  • “I wanted to go to the courthouse to get married, [but] my fiancé wanted a big wedding. We compromised and are doing a big wedding.”
  • “Fiancé threatens to cancel the wedding because he doesn’t like the hair preview.”
  • “When you are dealing with a groomzilla it’s hard to care about his opinion because his opinion is the only one he cares about.”
  • “I’m a girl and I hate how my wedding planning is going. It’s all what he wants. When, where, guests, food. I hate it.”
  • “My brother cursed me out when I said I couldn’t afford to fly to Italy for his wedding. Groomzilla?”
  • “My fiancé is being such a pain during our wedding planning. He’s insisting on coming to my bridal appointment. Like no…you can’t see the dress.”
  • “How do I get my groomzilla of a fiancé to decide on a color scheme? Like seriously, all the blues look exactly the same. Just pick.”
  • “If you’re wondering why there’s camo print at my wedding, might I introduce you to my groomzilla?”
  • “My fiancé wants to attend ALL of my pre-wedding girl events, including the bachelorette party. I get that he wants to be involved but…”
  • “My fiancé flipped out about the venue, flowers, DJ, harpist…that’s just the main stuff. I left him a month later. Jerk grooms are jerk husbands.”

Source: Whisper

Bride and groom topper on wedding cake

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