The Most Popular TV Show in The World Is...

It turns out a lot of people enjoy "Sherlock." According to a study of intentional Netflix habits, the BBC show is the most popular series in the world. In second place is "Friends" followed by "Narcos." Americans on the other hand really dig "Shameless."

The study looks at each of the 190 countries that have Netflix and while shows like "House of Cards" and "New Girl" also cracked the top five most popular shows, there are also plenty of country-specific series that you may not have heard of. 

"Las Aparicio" is loved in Mexico, "Soul Eater" is wildly popular in South Korea and Thailand, and "My Love from the Star" tops the Netflix list in Philippines and Taiwan. Check out the five most popular series below and the full list HERE

  1. "Sherlock"
  2. "Friends"
  3. "Narcos"
  4. "House of Cards"
  5. "New Girl"

Source: High Speed Internet

This picture taken on September 11, 2014 shows the on-demand internet streaming media provider, Netflix, on a laptop screen in Stockholm. The online streaming website Netflix will be launched in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg mid-Se

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