Coming Soon To Facebook... Mental Telepathy!?

Facebook users will, one day, be able to post comments telepathically and it’s in the works now.

A team of 60 researchers at the Menlo Park facility's Building-8 are said to be developing a virtual reality headset or eyeglasses that allow people to type with just their brains. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the future of communication is telepathy tech. It's hoped that the brain-computer interfaces that are in the works will capture users' thoughts and type them out by merely "reading their minds."

The interesting part of this? The project is repurposing U.S. military technology.

One more thing! This isn’t the only project the social media giant has going; they will be airing episodes of the scripted show “Loosely Exactly Nicole” as their first run against Amazon, Netflix, and others.Source: Fox Business

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