Relationship Advice We've All Heard, but Shouldn't Take

We all know that relationships are hard, and it doesn’t help that there’s all sorts of advice out there that claims to be the key to making one work. Whether you’re getting it from friends, family, or even self-help books, not all relationship advice is worth listening to, and some are certainly worse than others.

Listening to bad relationship advice may actually do more harm than good, so here are some common, and not necessarily good, pieces of advice you may want to ignore: 

  • Wait three days to call or text them back - Why play games in a relationship, if you want to see someone again just call them, and within 24 hours is always a plus.
  • Don’t reveal too much – Sure it’s good to be cautious when your first starting out, but if you want a relationship to work you’re going to have to open up to the other person eventually. 
  • Lower your standards – Yes some people may be seeking perfection and that isn’t realistic, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise your values and settle for someone you don’t really want. 
  • Change to become more likable – You want someone to fall in love with you, not someone you’re pretending to be. 
  • Wait for him to make the first move – In this day and age it’s perfectly acceptable for a woman to approach a guy they are interested in. 
  • Don’t have sex until the third date – That number is pretty random. It’s okay to have sex with a date as soon as you feel comfortable doing it.
  • Withhold sex to punish him – Intimacy is a natural part of a relationship and shouldn’t be used as a bargaining tool of any kind.
  • Men, don’t be too sensitive – No fellas, you won’t look wimpy if you show that you can be sensitive too. That’s a pretty sexist attitude so guys, feel free to cry and your next sad movie and feel confident about it.
  • Happily ever after means marriage – There’s no rule that says you can only be happy if you’re married. It’s okay to make your own rules in a relationship. Often times when folks feel pressured to get married they don’t wind up being happy in the long run.

Source: Fox News

Man and woman enjoying in romantic relationship in pub

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