Father's Day Survey: Dads Feel Guilty For Lack of Time w/Kids

We are always hearing about working moms who feel guilty about not spending enough time with their kids but do dads feel the same type of guilt when they are on the job? Well, a new “Today” survey, conducted in time for Father’s Day, sought to find out exactly what types of things dads are dealing with, and it sounds like “dad guilt” is a big concern for some fellas.

The poll of 1,200 dads finds that 19%  say they do feel guilty about the amount of time they aren’t “present” with their children, with 17% admitting that working too much does leave them suffering “dad guilt.” For this reason, a lot of dads seem to like the idea of staying home with the kids, with 63% saying they envy stay-at-home dads. Still, most guys do feel the need to fill the traditional role of bread winner, with 38% saying they feel guilty about not making enough money to provide for their family in the way they’d like to.

Of course not all dads feel this way, with 26% feeling no guilt at all, admitting they don’t feel bad about doing the best they can. And unlike moms who may feel judged for not being with their kids, dads don’t feel the same pressure. In fact, 56% of dads say they don’t feel like their parenting choices are being judged by other parents, but if they do, they are 14 times more likely to say it’s other moms who are doing the judging, not other dads.

  • And we’re sure this is no surprise to moms out there, but 50% of men say their partner handles more of the childcare, with only 10% feeling guilty about it. In addition, 50% of dads say they “never” hide or pretend they don’t know what their doing to avoid childcare duties, although 26% say they sometimes use the “hide in the bathroom trick” to get out of it, and 3% admit they do it often.

Source: Today

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