Nearly All Baby Food Has Low Levels of Lead!

Well, here’s some news no parent wants to hear. According to a new report by the Environmental Defense Fund, nearly all types of baby food contain low levels of lead, with fruit juices, root vegetables and cookies the types most likely to have it.

Although you may think low levels aren’t anything to worry about, the group insists they can “cause a lot of harm to kids across the country.” In fact, doctors suggest elevated blood lead levels can result in kids with speech delays, lower IQs and more.

The Environmental Defense Fund came to their findings by looking at publicly available data from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Total Diet Study, which tests for contaminates from food samples across the country. Their results show that 20% of the 2,164 baby food samples tested came back positive for lead, where as only 14% of regular food samples had lead in them. They do note that none of the samples exceeded government safety standards for lead.

Since such tests don’t identify the food brands they are testing, or where they came from, there’s no way for the Environmental Defense Fund to determine which baby foods specifically have lead in them. But they did say samples of vegetable and beef dinner had the highest levels of lead.

Source: USA Today

Photo of a baby, staring at camera, isolated on white; Shutterstock ID 32418877; PO: today

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