Things To Remember When Your Ex Comes Knocking

Chances are, most of us will have an ex come back to us.

It’s a big temptation but one you’ve got to resist in the name of self preservation. So, if that day comes for you, turn of the “what would a best friend say” switch and think of these points.

  • They didn’t bring out the best in you. While positive memories are easy to pull up, it’s the negative ones you need to pay attention to.
  • The Cons list outweighs the Pros list. Lists don’t lie.
  • You’ll open old wounds. Ex’s normally come back when you are healing and projecting a happy you. If you let them in, at some point it’s a good bet they will “cut you again.” This time he’ll leave scars behind.
  • You were beginning to invest in yourself again. No offense to anyone, but after a break up, it needs to be all about YOU. It is traumatic to break up, but you are growing and creating a good life for yourself. Now is not the time to take a step back.

There’s a core reason he is your ex. Just remember that. Source: Elite Daily

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