Brooklyn Woman Had 35,000 Bees Above Her Bed!

A Brooklyn, New York woman was annoyed by a few bees buzzing around her home so she called a pest removal expert. What he found surprised them.

Cherisse Mulzac started seeing bees become more numerous around her apartment this year and then one stung an allergic neighbor. That’s when she called a bee rescuer. The man found a massive colony above her bed in the ceiling. He had to cut a 4-foot hole in the ceiling just to get past all the honeycomb, then found that tens of thousands of the insects had formed a massive colony in the small space above. The expert believes it took years for the bees to sneak in and build their hive.

After a seven hour process, the rescuer had collected all the bees, over 35-thousand, and left Cherisse with 70 pounds of honey.Source: New York Post

BLANKENFELDE, GERMANY - APRIL 25:  Bees congregate on a honeycomb in the colony of beekeper Reiner Gabriel in the garden of his home near Berlin on April 25, 2013 in Blankenfelde, Germany. Local beekeepers claim their yearly loss rates within their bee po

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