WDBJ Rke. Anchor Leaving His Job To Run For Office

A TV reporter’s violent death is causing her boyfriend to run for office to find solutions.

When “WDBJ” reporter Allison Parker was gunned down by a former disgruntled station employee on live TV two years ago, it changed Chris Hurst’s life. Now he’s turning it into a positive to help others. The TV anchorman has left his job to run as a Democrat for Delegate of Virginia's District 12.

Hurst, who has the blessing of his family and Parker’s, explains his motivation, as both her parents and I were resolved from day one that Alison would be pissed if we just stayed in a corner and had a pity party for ourselves and that means getting up everyday to work toward making a difference in your life.”

Hurst is a top fundraiser in the state, which helps his chances of a win. Source: WUSA

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