Most Folks DO Prefer To Buy American

These days a lot of the products we buy aren’t actually made in America, and while items may be cheaper because of it, it appears as though most people would actually be willing to open their wallets a little more for products made at home.

A new survey finds that 76% of Americans are concerned about where products are manufactured, with 30% of people very concerned about a product’s origin. Of course, there are certain goods where folks show more concern about where they came from. People have a real concern over the origin of their food, with 76% of people preferring to buy American. In addition, 50% of people note where their car is manufactured from, with 49% of people preferring to buy American cars.

Other American-made products people prefer to buy include:

  • Beauty and personal care (51%)
  • Clothes (51%)
  • Electronics (42%)
  • Tools (52%)
  • Furniture (42%)
  • Handbags & accessories (34%)

But when products are made in America they usually come with a higher price tag, and it seems most Americans are okay with that. In fact, 57% of people saying they’re willing to pay more for goods made in the U.S.A. How much they’re wiling to pay is another story. About 42% of people would be willing to spend up to 30% more, while 39% would pay between 15% and 30%.

  • And it seems there’s good reason why people will pay more. The survey finds that 53% of people believe products made in America are of better quality, while 41% think they’re of the same quality as things manufactured elsewhere, and only 6% think the quality is worse.

Source: Report Linker

Scott's thoughts…

  • Are you concerned about where the things you buy are manufactured?
  • Do you prefer to buy products that are made in the U.S.A.? Which ones?
  • Do you think products made in America are of better quality?
  • Are you willing to spend more money on products made in America? If so, how much?
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