Solo (A Star Wars Story) has Scott all excited

Scott Stevens' "Star Wars Story."  

So I was barely old enough to go to the movies in 1977 to see the original Star Wars movie.  But I did.  I went back with friends half a dozen times.  Then in 1980 when The Empire Strikes Back came out, obviously I had to see it again and again.  Lost count after 10 times.  And in 83 for Return of the Jedi... well who knows how many times I saw it in first run at the movie theaters in Blacksburg and Radford,  (At the time Christiansburg had no indoor theater.)  Then saw it again at every showing at Starlite Drive-In,  special thanks to the late great Mr. Beasley who didn't always charge me and my friends full price.  Or at all.  (Side story) I remember him asking an older friend who was driving his big 70 something Chevy Impalla "I see 5 but how many in the trunk?"  There were 4 in the trunk.  So my friend said... "4 sir," and he said something to the effect of... "If they want to see them movie that badly we will let them in for free."  What a man.  

As we grow up we lose our attraction to such childish things right?  Wrong.  Fast forward to 1999.  The excitement around the prequels was almost breathtaking.  Here is a grown man hovering right around 30 years old with a job, a mortgage... you know.. real responsibilities.  So what?!  This is still a man so excited about connecting to his childhood fantasies about the Force, laser sword battles and robots with personality.. that he actually waited in line a week before the premiere to get his ticket.  *This was before online ticket ordering was a thing mind you.  Jar Jar Binks or not, I was not disappointed.  So many of my grown friends were so wrapped up in story line conflicts, Jar Jar criticisms and other negative critiques.  I didn't get it.  It was another Star Wars movie!  What was not to like?  We got the back story on the movie that inspired us to believe that something amazing happened "A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away."    

Episode 2 and Episode 3 were equally amazing to me.  But I thought that was it.  The end.  Where could we go from here?  Surly this was all right?  NO.  As you know we were to experience episode 8, 9 and soon 10.  And thanks to the movie making machine that is Disney, we get other stories!  Rogue 1 created an entire movie on the one line: “Many Bothans died to bring us this information.”  By the way... I don't think many Bothans died.  But it was still a great movie!  

Well here we are now.  Another Star Wars story.  For many, THE STAR WARS STORY.  The back story on Han Solo.  How did Han get the millennium Falcon?  Based on previous movies we knew already that Lando Calrissian lost the ship in a game of sabacc to Han Solo.  Now, we might get to actually see that game.  We also get to see how he met Chewbacca.  At least "from a certain point of view."  That is to say I think its pretty much assumed that the movie will not stick to the expanded universe created over the years in books, games and magazines.  So if you think you know from reading the expanded universe books... think again.  Remember the many dead Bothans?  Regardless, a now 40 something man is reliving his childhood again.  When I saw the extended trailer (posted below) I actually yelled out loud from excitement.  Scared the cat in fact.  I cannot wait until May 25, 2018.  I cannot wait to feel young again.  I.  Cannot.  Wait.  May the force be with us all as we countdown the days.

Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens

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