Parents Refuse To Tell People Child’s Gender

We get not wanting your kids to conform to certain gender norms, like say only boys playing with trucks, and only girls playing with Barbies, but one family is taking the extra step to keep things in their life gender neutral. 

Kyl and Brent Myer believe in the Gender Creative Parenting movement and are raising their child Zoomer in a gender-neutral environment. But they aren’t stopping there. The parents also refuse to tell people whether little Zoomer is a boy or a girl, and refer to the kid as a “theyby.”

They also only refer to Zoomer with gender neutral pronouns, with only immediate family actually knowing Zoomer’s gender, with the parents noting they, “don’t disclose their sex to people who don’t need to know.” “The sex does not tell us anything about the child’s personality, temperament, favorite color, dietary preferences, sense of humor, attitudes toward climate change, or any of their other unique traits,” Kyl explains. “Just like the fact they have two arms doesn’t tell us anything else about them, except they have two arms.” 

  • For the record, Kyl does expect Zoomer to pick a gender by the time they’re “three or four,” adding, “We simply don’t believe that is our decision to make on their behalf. By not revealing their sex, and by treating them in a gender creative way, Z will have the freedom to explore and create their own identity, outside of the restrictions and expectations of traditional gender norms." 

Source: New York Post

Scott's Thoughts…

  • Can you see my eyes rolling….
  • So it's better to just call the kid "it"...?
  • Maybe there's something to it and we all just need to get over ourselves?
  • Have you tried to raise your child in a gender-neutral environment? Why did you want to do it? How hard was it?
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