Maren Morris Isn’t Afraid To Speak Her Mind

Maren Morris isn’t one of those singers who keeps her opinions to herself, and that’s particularly obvious in a new interview she’s given to “Paper” magazine.

In the article, she goes off on a variety of subjects, including gun control, noting, “Can we have a conversation about common-sense gun reform so people can’t so easily walk into a church or a school or a music fest and shoot up the place with an automatic weapon?'” She adds, “I just think there’s such a fear that comes with talking about a common-sense thing. Now that people immediately get so enraged and fired up and volatile, it scares a lot of artists into keeping quiet.”

As for music fans who don’t want their artists to get political, Maren says, "These people now are trying to threaten your career with the threat of being erased, because you have an opinion." She shares that the very thing causes her to have “anxiety” when she posts stuff on social media that could be considered political, but in the end, she still feels the need to speak up. 

"I really speak up when I'm so fed up or passionate about something I want the people who buy my records and buy tickets my shows to know that I'm so happy you love my music, but I'm a person," she says. "I'm a taxpayer. I want to have kids someday and know that maybe I'm leaving them in a world that's better than what I found. That's really what's in my heart when I speak up about these kinds of things." Source:Paper

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