Renter Moves Into New Homer

Renter Moves Into New Homer

A British man recently moved into a new home he rented online without ever seeing it in person, and got a big surprise when he finally moved in.

With the coronavirus pandemic putting a pause on things like open houses, more and more people have been forced to rent homes they find online, sight unseen. Charlie Lucas-Smith found a home he liked online and rented it without ever seeing it in person. Then just days before he moved in, he checked out the house on Google Street View and was shocked to find that each side of the home had a giant mural of The Simpsons painted on it. One side featured Bart Simpson and the other had Homer Simpson surrounded by doughnuts. 

The house listing didn't make any mention of the murals, but he wasn't too upset about it. He said it's "something I find really funny, and I've always been a massive fan ofThe Simpsons." (TimesNowNews)


Scott's Thoughts:

  • It's pretty awesome, if you ask men.
  • Apparently there are other houses in the town that also have cartoon characters painted on them.
  • I don't know anyone can choose a home without seeing it in person first.

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