Aloha also means goodbye

Aloha, Goodbye

A Louisiana couple is back home after their very brief trip to Hawaii landed them in handcuffs.

Authorities say 29-year-old Johntrell White and 28-year-old Nadia Bailey flew from Louisiana to Honolulu for a vacation. The Hawaiian government is requiring visitors to show proof of a negative COVID test upon arrival or agree to a 10-day quarantine. The couple did not have a negative test, nor did they want to spend their vacation locked in a hotel room, so they tried to bribe airport screeners.

Authorities say White offered a screener $2000 to let them slide and Bailey offered to throw in an extra $1000. The screener alerted deputies and they arrested the couple for bribery. They were booked and then immediately put on a plane back to Louisiana. (Star Advertiser)

Scott's Thoughts:

  • That's some bad planning on their part.
  • They weren't even there long enough to get lei'd.
  • That's a whole lot of flying.
  • How did they not know they'd need a negative test?