Drinking too much wine can cause blurry vision

Drinking too much wine can cause blurry vision ... but the right amount of wine, particularly red wine because of the antioxidants in it, can actually improve your vision. A new UK study found that red wine can prevent you from developing cataracts as you get older. But the key is moderation. According to the research, those who drank wine daily or almost daily actually saw a 6 percent greater risk of needing cataract surgery compared to people who drank in moderation. (PRNewswire)

Speaking of drinking …Remember how we said EVERYONE has a hard seltzer? Well, we meant everyone, because it’s just been announced thatBlake Sheltonhas his own line of hard seltzers. Yep, Blake has teamed up with Smithworks vodka for a line of hard seltzer lemonades he calls “liquid sunshine.” The flavors include: Classic Lemon, Ripe Strawberry, Southern Peach Tea, and Crisp Lime. (Eat This, Not That)