If eating is the best part of your day, you are not alone!

What’s the best part of your day? If you said eating, you’re in good company. A new survey found that 68% of respondents said that with the stress of work and life in general these days, that sitting down to eat is the best part of the day. What meals do people look forward to the most? Pizza (51%), burgers (38%), and pasta (38%). And it seems that cheat days have become cheat weekends – with people especially splurging on weekends. More here: (SWNS)

Speaking of eating …our dogs got bigger in quarantine too. A new UK study found that the average dog has put on a whopping 7 pounds since the beginning of the pandemic. Seems dogs have been getting more treats with their owners home during the day. And apparently guys are more generous with the treats. Pets with male owners gained an average of nine pounds each over the year, compared to six pounds for pups with female owners. More here: (Metro)