Fowl Play

Fowl Play

Your insurance company may know it all because they've seen it all, but they've probably never seen anything like this... outside of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

A California family had to move out of their home after hundreds of birds swooped down their chimney and took up residency in the living room. The family had been gone for the day and when they returned home, they were greeted by a swarm of Vaux's swift birds -- a migratory species known for roosting in chimneys. The family called animal control who advised them to leave all of the windows open so the birds could fly out, but they never did. Instead, they stuck around and made a huge mess of the house. 

Eventually, firefighters and animal control officers figured out a way to use a large chute to lead the birds from the fireplace to the back door.

More Here: (KTLA-TV)

Scott's Thoughts:

  • The birds probably moved on to another house.
  • Imagine what that mess must have been like.
  • Might want to put a cap on that chimney.