What's In a Name?

What's In a Name?

An Indonesian man loves his workplace so much that he's decided to name his son after it. The five-month-old boy is named Statistical Information Communication Office.

Samet Wahyudi has worked at the city office since 2003 and even told his wife before they got married that he would want to pay tribute to the department by naming a child after it. Their first child was a girl, but he felt that Statistical Information Communication Office was a better name for a boy, so he agreed to give her a more conventional girl name. Then in December, his son arrived and he knew exactly what to name him. 

Understanding that the boy may someday have difficulty introducing himself with that name, they've already given him the nickname Dinko.

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Scott's Thoughts:

  • I would worry that my son would someday take me to court for giving him that name.
  • Yeah, it's definitely more of a boy's name than a girl's name.
  • I wanted to name my first child "Zebco" and call him Zeb for short. But I had a girl and the world got "Bevin" instead.
  • Maybe he thinks the name will guarantee his son a job at the office when he's older.
  • If you named your child after your workplace, what would his or her name be?