SUMMER: Chlorine Shortage May Sink Pool Season

SUMMER: Chlorine Shortage May Sink Pool Season

There's some bad news for backyard swimmers. A nationwide chlorine shortage is threatening to sink summer for pool owners.

The timing couldn't be worse heading into the summer. The pool industry says there are a number of factors causing the shortage, including the pandemic. With so many people forced to cancel travel plans last year and stay home, there was a boom in new pool installations, thus driving up the demand for chlorine. Also, a large fire at a chemical plant in Louisiana following Hurricane Laura shut down one of the country's largest producers of chlorine tablets.

Many pool service companies, who have been aware of the shortage, have been stockpiling chlorine tablets, but say their supply may not last through the summer. It's also causing a 70-percent spike in prices for chlorine products. More here: (NBC News)

Scott's Thoughts:

  • It's Poolmageddon!
  • There are 5.2 million residential in ground pools in the country, of which about 70-percent require chlorine. There's no way to know for sure how many above-ground pools there are.
  • Those who have saltwater pools should be OK.
  • Experts are urging homeowners to keep their pools as clean as possible by showering before and after going into the pool, and also discouraging pets from going in for a swim, which is hard knowing how much the dog enjoys the water.