Pursuit On the Pony Express

WEIRD NEWS: Pursuit On the Pony Express

Churchill Downs wasn't the only site of a horse race on Saturday. Police in Utah chased a loose horse for a few miles and it all went down on the Pony Express Parkway... seriously.

Police in Saratoga Springs, Utah received a call about a horse which had escaped and was seen trotting down Pony Express Parkway. After a few miles, officers were able to lead the horse off the road and into the hills, where it is still believed to be. The owner of the horse has been contacted and a search is ongoing. (KUTV-TV)

Scott's Thoughts::

  • I didn't know there was a Saratoga Springs in Utah, but if I had to guess where a loose horse was running, I'd guess it would be there.
  • How did the horse escape? That's the equestrian. (Dad Joke)
  • I'm sure the horse just wanted to go for a run and not stirrup any trouble. (Dad Joke)
  • Cops probably thought they were looking for a Mustang or Bronco on the highway. (Dad Joke)