Unhappy Meal

WEIRD NEWS: Unhappy Meal

A Virginia man really knows how to take the happiness out of a Happy Meal.

James Springer, a 36-year-old DoorDash driver, walked into McDonald's at 9:57 a.m. and tried to place an order for a Happy Meal. When he was told that a Happy Meal cannot be ordered off the breakfast menu, he became very angry and threatened to come back and execute everyone. Police were called, but Springer had left in a white Toyota before they arrived.

While detectives were working to identify him, they received a call about a man in a white Toyota who pointed a gun at another driver on the road. A short while later, another call came in from someone in a parking lot saying someone had pointed a gun at them, too. At the same time, employees at the McDonald's called police again to say that Springer had returned. This time, an officer quickly arrived and placed him under arrest. A black BB gun was found in his car. He is charged with disorderly conduct, abusive language and brandishing. (Fox News) See post from Stafford Co. Sherrif's ) See post and his mug shot from Stafford County Sherriff's Office below.

Scott's Thoughts:

  • Police say Springer told officers he thought it was legal to point a BB gun at people.
  • How did he not know that breakfast is served until 10:30?
  • Just a hunch, but he may lose his job with DoorDash.
  • He's a few fries short of a Happy Meal.