Ends With Benefits

WEIRD NEWS: Ends With Benefits

A man in Austria is in big trouble after investigators discovered that he kept the body of his dead mother in his basement for over a year so that he could continue collecting her pension.

Investigators paid the 66-year-old man a visit after some people began to suspect that his 89-year-old mother may have died in June of 2020. When they arrived at the house, investigators found the woman's body and learned that she had died at home more than a year ago and that her son continued to collect tens of thousands of dollars worth of benefits. A medical examiner performed an autopsy on the woman and found no signs of foul play. More here: (ABC News)

Scott's Thoughts:

  • It's a shame it took so long for someone to check on the woman.
  • This probably happens more than we think.
  • Hopefully the man is forced to return the money he kept and his mother gets a proper funeral.

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