High on Life, High on Harry Potter (A Florida Woman Story)

WEIRD NEWS: High on Life

A Florida woman is under arrest for trying to steal a fire truck and blamed her erratic behavior on a mythological Harry Potter potion.

Fire and rescue workers responded to a call about a woman in distress on the beach and arrived to find 39-year-old Kailani Jo Kroll. She told them she needed CPR and as they were walking her to an ambulance, she suddenly took off running. Since she hadn't done anything wrong, they just let her go on her way. But then moments later, she tried to steal one of the fire trucks at the scene. Kroll climbed in and attempted to drive away, but officers grabbed her and pulled her out. 

As she was being handcuffed, Kroll apologized saying, "I’m sorry for trying to take the truck, I lost my marbles." When asked if she was under the influence of anything she told them she was not but that she had taken "the Scott's Thoughts:

  • The Elixir of Life grants the drinker eternal life and is produced by the philosopher's stone. 
  • It's unclear what she actually did drink, but she very likely drank something.
  • Come on, she said she was sorry for trying to steal a fire truck. Take it easy on her. She IS after all a "Florida Woman."

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