A Twisted Sister

WEIRD NEWS: Twisted Sister

A truly bizarre scene unfolded in Northern England when people driving by a cemetery noticed a nun dancing with a human skeleton. 

A passer by captured the strange scene on camera. The woman is wearing a white habit and dancing with what appears to be a model human skeleton. She also had what looked like a dog skeleton. One witness said, "She was dancing with a skeleton. It was clearly attracting a lot of attention with people stopping to watch nearby and people in their cars looking!” 

The old 19th century cemetery hasn't been used since 1972, which is why it as especially strange to see someone in there. Some local residents believe it had to have been some sort of stunt or performing art project. More here: (Hull Daily Mail)

Scott's Thoughts and Dad Jokes :

  • A nun can dance with a skeleton in a cemetery, but just shouldn't make it a habit.
  • This makes no sense... absolutely nun.
  • Who cares why she was doing it? It's nun of our business.

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