Exposure Takes a Toll (A Florida Man Story)

Exposure Takes a Toll

Indecent exposure has really taken a toll on a Florida driver who was arrested for exposing himself to toll collectors.

Cops say Mark Anthony Fillyaw drove up to the cash lanes at seven different highway toll booths over three days and flashed his junk at workers. Toll collectors say he'd pull up the booth with no clothes on and show off his goods. Highway Patrol was able to use photos of the man's car to identify him and track him down. He was arrested and is facing multiple charges of indecent exposure.

Scott's Thoughts and Dad Jokes:

  • You have to be suspicious of anyone paying cash at toll booths rather than having a Sunpass or EZ Pass.
  • If he paid his toll, then what's the big deal?
  • It's his car. Why can't he be naked in it?
  • It would be worse if the toll collector was naked. 
  • Toll collectors probably have some strange work stories. This is just one more.

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