Exercising for rewards!

Reward for exercising? Seems people would be more inclined to work out – if they were rewarded for it. According to a new survey, 66% of respondents said they would be more motivated to exercise if they received a material reward for it. And many have created their own “rewards” for reaching their workout goals. 60% relax and unwind, 50% watch television, and another 50% treat themselves to their favorite food or drink. (SWNS)

Speaking of rewards for exercising ...

It’s not a marathon, it’s a spritzer …We tend to think that dedicated exercisers and competitive athletes lead extra healthy lives with plenty of clean food and water; however, it seems that those folks who live to work out also tend to drink more. Studies are still trying to determine why this is the trend – perhaps athletes use alcohol as a reward, or maybe it’s a common personality trait that those who enjoy exercise also enjoy alcohol more. The good news is that while they may imbibe more often than others, they aren’t inclined to abuse alcohol or become dependent on it. (Outside)

Speaking of drinking …

Shots! Shots! Shots! Just in time for the upcoming holidays … Fireball is coming out with kegs that hold 5 liters of the cinnamon-flavored whiskey. The kegs will only be available for a limited time. (Delish)

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