Lupin Loser

WEIRD NEWS: Lupin Loser

A would-be robber, who tried to use the skills he learned from watching a popular Netflix show to pull off a big heist, probably should have paid closer attention because his plan was an epic failure.

Police in Italy say the 21-year-old thief learned his tricks of the trade from watching the Netflix series Lupin, which follows master criminal Assane Diop along his series of complicated heists he pulls off from studying the techniques of fictional thief French thief Arsène Lupin.

Cops say he carefully studied the techniques on the show and planned to rob a chapel in Milan. He wore a leather jacket, like the one the main character on the show wears, and waited for the church bells to ring so no one would hear him shatter the glass doors to the chapel. However, he cut up his hand from the broken glass and was only able to steal about $24 and a bottle of orange soda before realizing he needed medical help. 

At first he made up a story about being robbed by three thugs who cut him, but when police got involved, he caved and told him everything he had done. Not only that, it actually wasn't the first time he robbed the chapel. He was caught doing the same thing a few years ago.

Scott's Thoughts:

  • He should have watched Oceans 11 instead.
  • Arsène Lupin? He's more like Harry and Marv from Home Alone.
  • "I saw it on TV" is never a defense that would hold up in court.

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