When it comes to work, you CAN care less!

You can care less …Many of us have become so obsessed with work that we often think things will fall apart if we aren’t there. Guess what? It won’t. In fact, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, you could actually become more productive by caring a little less. Sarah Knight, author ofThe Changing Magic of Not Giving a [Bleep], explains that the trick is being able to ask yourself:

  • Is this real?
  • Is this really a thing that is part of my job?
  • Do I really have to do it?

What we do with that extra time now that we’re only working a 40-hour week is important, too. Extra-curriculars that are fun and fulfilling can restore your energy and make you better at your day job.

Speaking of having more time for yourself ... How much “me time” do you get? If you’re like most people, not a lot – and as you get busier, especially during the upcoming holiday season, your “me time” is the first thing that gets dropped. 70% of respondents in a recent survey said their self care is the first thing to go when their life gets hectic – even though 86% say having some time to themselves is essential to their well-being and 65% said they get overwhelmed if they don’t have enough time to themselves.

60% said they would be willing to do “almost anything” to get some needed time to themselves. And that includes 46% who said they would suffer through listening to the same song on repeat for three days straight if it meant they could have more “me time” as a result.

More about work woes ...Do you complain to management about issues at work? If you don’t, you’re pretty much a typical worker. A new study shows that most workers would prefer to “grin and bear it” than speak up to management when things are tough at work. 49% of workers say they have neglected to report something for fear of retaliation -- which makes sense when you consider that 63% of employees who file an equal employment discrimination complaint lose their jobs. Additionally, most employees feel that their complaints won’t change anything. 60% said there was no point speaking up for this very reason. 

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