Pregnant Jenna Paulette Says Her Husband Shocked 'The Daylights Out Of Me'

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Jenna Paulette shared a video of the moment her husband, Ross, “shock(ed) the daylights out of me with his acting abilities.”

The country singer-songwriter laughed as she watched her husband appear in her new music video for “Darlin’,” which premiered on Wednesday (May 29). Paulette executive produced the video, which was directed by Ben Christensen and features her husband in the Western-inspired visual. The “Darlin’” video arrives shortly after Paulette announced on the 59th ACM Awards red carpet that she’s pregnant with Baby No. 1.

Paulette told CMT in a story shared on Wednesday that her music video includes “little details” that reference her life. But “what we didn’t think would actually be a parallel was the fact that I am expecting my first baby girl right now. That was like a little wink from God to me, as I had already written the treatment for the video before finding out my husband and I were expecting. It’s so full circle and represents the best of new beginnings.” Paulette addd that she laughed to the point of tears when her husband’s “dedication and ability” to act in a fight scene “took me by surprise.”

Paulette’s baby girl is due in the fall, she said as she caught up with iHeartCountry on the ACM Awards carpet earlier this month. The former CMT Next Women of Country artist said she looking forward to seeing her baby bond with Ross, and predicts parenthood will be “a whole other level of love.

“I wrote a song last year on a retreat because I knew how special it was going to be — probably not to the full extent, but in my mind — how special it would be to have a baby, and to do it with somebody that I love so much,” Paulette told iHeartCountry. “And we had just eloped, and that song is just something that I feel deep in my soul now that it is actually a reality. My cowriters on it were like, ‘oh my gosh, did we predict the future?’ And I’m like, ‘we kinda did!’ …I’m so thankful because I didn’t even know if it was possible for me. …So wild. So cool.”

Watch Paulette’s “Darlin’” video here:

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