Carly Pearce Shares Health Update After Developing 'Heart Issue'

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Carly Pearce shared a health update on Thursday morning (May 30).

Pearce, 34, opened up about her heart issues and what that means for her performances on the horizon, particularly as she prepares to release her next full-length album, hummingbird, on June 7. The Kentucky-born singer-songwriter said she’s developed pericarditis, which is swelling and irritation of the tissue surrounding the heart, according to Mayo Clinic. Pearce said she still plans to perform; however, her shows might “look different” as she takes steps to control her heart rate. She said in the video she posted on Instagram:

“Hey y’all. I have always been transparent and honest about every part of my life, so I feel like this deserves the same honesty. You guys know that I’ve been dealing with some health issues, and through that, I have developed something called pericarditis, which is a heart issue. And I’ve been working with doctors and talking to my cardiologist, and I still wanna be out on the road. It’s really important to me, but we have all decided that it is in my best interest as I’m healing to alter my shows a little bit. So, if my shows look a little bit different, just know it’s because I have to keep my heart rate under control right now. And the doesn’t mean I’m not gonna be completely fine, it just means right now I’ve gotta really take this seriously. So, if you’re coming to the shows, if you are gonna be a part of any of the amazing things we have going on with hummingbird, it is all gonna be great. It just might look a little different. So, I’m asking for a little bit of grace. And truly, more importantly, if any of you are dealing with any kind of health stuff, or aren’t — I’m a young, healthy person that really watches what I eat and exercises, and this happened to me — and so, I just wanna use my platform to tell you to take care of your body and listen to it. And just know that if it’s trying to tell you something, it’s gonna tell you. I love you guys, and I’ll see you soon.”

Pearce’s update quickly garnered well-wishes from fellow singer-songwriters Adam Doleac, Hannah Ellis, sister duo Tigirlily Gold and other commenters. Pearce is currently on Tim McGraw’s headlining “Standing Room Only Tour.” She’s also getting ready to take the CMA Fest main stage on Sunday, June 9 at Nissan Stadium in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee. She celebrated her 34th birthday last month by bumping up hummingbird’s release date by one week because “7 is my favorite number and it’s right before CMA Fest.” The 14-track album, which she said will serve as an update on her healing journey after 29: Written in Stone, includes “country music made me do it,” “my place,” “we don’t fight anymore” featuring Chris Stapleton and other previously-released songs that quickly became fan-favorites.

“The last few years have been a season of loss and growth, of healing and happiness. A belief that if I did the inner work, I would rebuild myself stronger than I was before, and a knowing that I have done some living and will always be unapologetic about it,” Pearce said as originally announced hummingbird on March 1. “These 14 songs incapsulate my confidence that there is light on the other side of darkness and my true love of country music.

“When you hear this album — Wherever you are on your journey, I hope it shows you that pain can be a lesson that shows you just how strong you are and what you truly deserve,” she continued. “That we can all find the ‘hummingbird’ in the midst of whatever we’re going through.”

Remaining “Standing Room Only Tour” dates:

May 30 — Toledo, OH

May 31 — Chicago, IL

June 1 — Grand Rapids, MI

June 6 — Sioux Falls, SD

June 7 — Omaha, NE

June 8 — Kansas City, MO

June 13 — Biloxi, MS

June 14 — Atlanta, GA

June 15 — Lexington, KY

June 20 — Philadelphia, PA

June 21 — Baltimore, MD

June 22 — Raleigh, NC

June 27 — Phoenix, AZ

June 28 — Los Angeles, CA

June 29 — Sacramento, CA

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