$50 Costco Wedding Cake Hack! Here's How They Did It...

Weddings are expensive. Many brides and grooms try to find ways to stretch their budget any way they can. Wedding cakes can easily cost over $1,000, but one couple found the ultimate DIY hack to save big on theirs and you’d never know it by looking at the cake.

DIY Instagrammer Jessica, aka @cottagefarmhouse, recently shared an image of a wedding cake and says her brother and his new wife found a way to be frugal with the dessert and not compromise a thing.


She writes that they bought two cakes at Costco, cut them, stacked them, re-iced them with buttercream icing, and covered them in $10 flowers from Trader Joe’s. These do-it-yourselfers even built the cake display stand using materials from Hobby Lobby. They ended up with a four-tier masterpiece that looks straight out of a bridal magazine and only spent $50!

People on Instagram have been blown away that this lovely cake was a DIY project done for so cheap. So many comments flooded in asking for step-by-step Pinterest instructions, Jessica has now promised to share them, so you can create this magic, too.


Amy James


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