'Zombie Fungus' From The Last Of Us Is Actually A Real Thing

Turns out, the reason why The Last of Us on HBO is so scary is because it can actually happen in real life.

The hit HBO show based on the 2013 video game just revealed how its zombies (or Clickers) become zombies and it's because of fungus that contaminated flour, but the scary thing is that what is currently happening on the show also happens in real life right now.

The communicative zombie-inducing network of cordyceps is a real parasite that actually takes hold of and zombifies small insects. While only 35 types of cordyceps have the zombie-making ability, the fungi actually adapt to rising temperatures in the world.

This is how the events of the show and game take place and luckily, experts claim it's a stretch to assume the same could happen in real life.

You can see one of The Last Of Us’ Clickers in action below from the show's latest episode and get ready for a NEW episode this Sunday at 9pm!

(New York Post)

Getty Images

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