Hey it’s Kasper! I was born & raised in Youngstown, Ohio and got my start in radio as an intern while still in high school - and never looked back! I love music, concerts, sports, fitness, the outdoors, pop culture, anything Marvel and I’m an avid gamer as well (anyone down for some Warzone or Fortnite?) Most importantly I’m blessed to have an amazing family along for the ride with me- my wife and better half Krissy along with our three daughters Katie, Natalie and Emily. Yes I’m a proud “Girl Dad” – even our dog is a girl! (hi Roxy) Thanks for listening as I attempt to entertain you one Luke Combs song at a time. I did say "attempt"...

Say hi anytime – I’m @kaspershow on Twitter (sorry, not calling it "X"), @kaspershow on Facebook and @kasperradio on Instagram