Fake Marshals, Real Covidiots

Fake Marshals, Real Covidiots

A couple of Florida men are in jail for impersonating federal marshals so they could get out of having to wear a mask. Their plan backfired when they met a real federal marshal. 

Staff at the Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort asked Walter Wayne Brown and Gary Brummett to put on a mask, but they refused and told the staff that they're federal marshals and would arrest them. They even flashed some fake credentials. Fortunately one hotel employee called their bluff and called police. Officers and a real federal marshal arrived and placed the men under arrest. They've each been charged with Impersonating a federal officer.

More here: (Tampa Bay Times)

Scott's Thoughts:

  • They had fake badges and laminated identification cards around their necks. 
  • Wouldn't it have just been easier to wear a mask than to pretend to be federal officers?
  • Moving from a beachfront resort to a jail cell has to be as awful as it gets.