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A hodgepodge of stories related to the BIG GAME!

It's Super Bowl Week. Here's some fun stuff you should know ...

Winner merch, loser merch ... The moment the Super Bowl ends every year, the winning team gets championship merchandise like T-shirts and hats – and hometown stores have stuff to sell. Immediately. As for all the T-shirts and hats that were printed for the losing Super Bowl team? Well, that stuff used to be destroyed. But since 1996, the NFL has been working with different charities to send the clothing to people in need around the world. It keeps the hundreds of shirts and hats out of landfills – and also gets the stuff to people who actually need them and will use them.

Tough questions ... During an interview earlier this week, 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy was asked about online chatter suggesting he looks like Lee Harvey Oswald. You know ... The man responsible for assassinating John F. Kennedy. While it was uncomfortable for Purdy to be compared to an infamous assassin, give Purdy credit for ducking out of the question like a champ by saying, “Uh, eh, yeah, I don’t know.”

Super beer buddies ... Nothing goes better with the Super Bowl than a beer – and according to a new poll by the Beer Institute, no one would be better to have a beer with than Travis Kelce. Football fans were asked whom they'd most like to have a beer with during the big game and 23% chose the Chiefs tight end. Now, maybe it's because Kelce is a fun, man's man, or guys just think he might introduce them to Taylor, but the receiver got more votes than the guy throwing him the ball, Patrick Mahomes – who is the choice of 21%. Here's a rundown of some other Super Bowl players that made the beer list:

  • 8% – 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey
  • 7% – 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy
  • 4 % – 49ers tight end George Kittle

In a matchup between coaches, 37% said they'd like to have a beer with Chiefs coach Andy Reid over Niners coach Kyle Shanahan – at 18%.

To Host or Not to Host?

According to a new survey, here's where people will be watching the Super Bowl this year:

  • 51% – At home alone or with immediate family
  • 21% – At home, hosting a party
  • 21% – At a friend or family member's house
  • 6% – At a bar or restaurant
  • 1% – Somewhere else

Scott's Thoughts:

  • Being at home has advantages because you can get loud and rowdy – and you don’t have to drive home.
  • But if you're hosting that party, it's YOUR house that's going to get trashed.
  • And sometimes it's a challenge to get people OUT of your house.

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