The Top 5 Things We Are Most Annoyed By

Amy shared a study that found when you enter your 40s, you start to get annoyed more easily. So, members of The Bobby Bones Show who are around that age shared the Top 5 things they are most annoyed by.  

Amy shared the fifth thing that annoys her the most is gum smacking. She knows she’s guilty of doing it when she was younger, but when she hears her kids do it now, it drives her crazy and makes her lose her patience. The fourth thing on her list is when people leave clothes in the dryer. She’s guilty of doing it as well and gets annoyed with herself when she does it because she just wants to finish the process of taking the clothes out and putting them away. Her third thing is when empty food items get put back in the pantry even though there’s only crumbs left. The second thing that annoys her the most is when dishes are left in the sink. She loves a clean countertop and kitchen and if she’s having a bad day, she cleans it and feels so much better. And her top annoyance is getting gas. She hates stopping for gas and will drive until her tank is completely empty.  

Bobby Bones fifth annoyance is when Amazon leaves packages in his bushes because he can’t find them. Number four is when a movie is over two hours because he feels like it’s unnecessary. If he sees a movie that is over two hours long, he won’t start it unless Mike D tells him it’s so good he won’t realize it’s that long. Number three, when TV episodes come out once a week because he got used to watching seasons in bulk. Number two, phrases like “You couldn’t write it any better,” because you could always write it better, and “110%” because you can’t give more than 100%. And his top annoyance is being referred to as a Dj. He doesn't spin music or choose the songs that are played on the show.  

Lunchbox’s fifth annoyance is traffic. He usually doesn’t have to deal with it due to his work hours, so whenever he finds himself in it, he gets extremely frustrated even if it only lasts for five minutes. Number four is how technology is everywhere and there’s apps for everything. When he orders food and they ask if he wants to order through the app, he gets upset because he just wants to order in person. Number three, Abby’s singing voice. Number two, restaurants that don’t recognize his celebrity status and make him wait for a table. And his top annoyance is his wife because “she does a lot of annoying things like nagging” and backseat drives when they're in the car.  

Eddie’s fifth annoyance is bad drivers who go in and out of lanes and create traffic. Four, when solicitors come to his house and try to sell something. When they ring the doorbell, his dog starts barking and it creates a lot of commotion in his house. Number three, when he puts his credit card in the gas pump, and it tells him to see the cashier. Number two, when he wants to watch TV and can’t find the remote. And his top annoyance is when he holds the door open for someone and they don’t say thank you.  

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